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Month: June 2017

self-balancing robot

So, about a week or two ago, I came across this post on hackaday, which led me to this site with instructions for building a self-balancing robot. I’ve been wanting to make one of these for a while, so I figured I would give it a shot.

I mostly copied the same design from Joop Brokking, so if you are building one, I’d suggest following his youtube video series on the design and construction of the robot.

I used the parts that I had on hand, so my stepper drivers are different and I used an IR remote and receiver instead of the RF that Joop used.

I began by building the circuit on a breadboard to make sure Joop’s code would work with my stepper drivers.

Everything looked good, so I moved the circuit to protoboard.

I built the frame for the robot out of some scrap pieces of wood and mdf. The wheels were parts of a meccano set that I just forced onto the stepper axle.




I modified the code from the original for this machine to work. It is pasted below.

To get the accelerometer calibration value, you will also need to run this sketch.