3d printer

We’ve got a new store that opened up in town, and from what I gather, it sells merchandise that either has damaged boxes or were customer returns from other stores including Amazon. They’ve got a lot of cool stuff. They had about ten of the monoprice select mini 3d printers for about half the price that they are online. I was hesitant at first, thinking that there may be something wrong with them, but the store has a good return policy so picked one up.

It works really well. Once I got the bed leveled, it printed everything I threw at it (that would fit in the print area).

The first thing I printed was a set of iambic paddles that I found on thingiverse. I didn’t quite have the bed leveled, so it was a little off, but they came out okay, especially since it is the first thing I have ever 3d printed.



  The paddles were printed in 3 separate runs. I did the base first, then the arms, then the cover.


I attached the hardware and wires up the paddles.


A spring from a mechanical pencil fits between the paddles.  


A 3.5mm jack is fitted to the back and then the cover is screwed on.




Not bad for a first print.