bitx20 v3 build – af amp

My experiment with digital modes on 40 meters was rather unsuccessful and I’d like to try my luck on 20 meters, but unfortunately, I don’t have a 20 meter transceiver. I’ve had fun with my bitx40, so why not try building a bitx20?

I will try to log my entire build here. There may be some breaks while I order parts, but hopefully by the end, I will have a working bitx 20 meter transceiver.

Here is the schematic that I am working from.


I started with the AF amp.


It went together pretty easily. I put it together on a sheet of copper clad and tested it and it seems to be working okay. I followed the schematic exactly, but I didn’t have a 4.7K pot, so I just went with a 10k. I’ll be using 2N2222A transistors for everything and 1N4148 diodes.