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Category: Computing

6502 breadboard computer

I finally had a few days off over the holiday weekend and was able to follow along with Ben Eater’s 6502 computer series on youtube.

The videos series is well done and the build was pretty straight forward. The schematic for the final computer is below.

I didn’t take too many pictures of the build process. I did start out with a different breadboard layout, but it was getting a bit cramped, so I built out the address and data buses down one side of the breadboard which made things much easier.

I also bought some of the actual busboard brand breadboards this time. My last few breadboard computers were plagued with flaky connections, but so far the busboard breadboards have been working great.

The arduino mega was used as a poor man’s logic analyzer and was really helpful during troubleshooting.

I started out with the 555 clock module from my other breadboard computer.

The final computer is shown below with a 1MHz can oscillator.

The computer is programmed with 6502 assembly. The code for the hello world program is below.


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