commodore 16

I recently picked up a Commodore 16 at an estate sale for a pretty good price.

When I got it, it looked like it was covered in 35 years of dirt and grime. The image below is after a quick wipe down.


They didn’t have the power supply for it, which was fine. I decided to go ahead and clean it up before attempting to power it on.




The inside was pretty gross too. I pulled out the mother board and removed the keyboard and then scrubbed the case in the tub.


The keys are a little discolored, but they aren’t too bad. I pulled the keys and springs and cleaned each one individually.






I cleaned up the board, and replaced the thermal grease on the heatsink/RF shield and then fired it up without the keyboard. To my surprise, it booted straight to a basic prompt.



I reassembled the machine and it now its as good as new!