new stuff

Last week I ran across a cryptic one sentence craigslist ad about ‘comm equipment’. There was no pictures or any other information, but I went ahead and emailed anyway. My email received a response with a phone number, which I called and found out that there was ‘a little bit of everything’. That didn’t tell me much, but I made plans to stop by on Saturday to see what he had. The man I met up with was an 85 year old guy who had repaired radios professionally. He was basically clearing out most of the stuff that he still had laying around in his basement. I made him an offer for everything he had and he accepted. Here is most of it. I still had a bit left to unload when I took this picture.


There were boxes of old parts, tubes, transistors, crystals, and tons of other stuff. There were a few older radios, most of them old commercial motorola radios. There was a even a huge motorola repeater. There was quite a bit of test gear like frequency counters and signal generators, even an ancient oscilloscope. I got antenna tuners, dummy loads, morse keys, and all kinds of other cool stuff. I’ll probably go through and work on bits and pieces individually, and I’ll post more about things as I go through it all. I still don’t know what all is in all the boxes. I still need to clean up everything and see what works and what doesn’t, but for now, here are a few more pictures.