rf amp

I ran across a youtube channel by a guy named Charlie Morris, and it has inspired me to attempt to homebrew a new SSB transceiver. He is currently doing a series of videos of a homebrew superhet transciever from scratch. I finally had a bit of free time last night to work on something, so I put together Charlie’s RF amp. Here is the schematic.


It his video, he goes over the calculations for finding the values of the various components in the amplifier, but I just went with what he used. I put the circuit together on a small piece of copper clad, but I used sockets for the transistor, so I could swap them out and experiment with a few different types.





With the 2N3904 it works well from 80 meters to 20 meters.


I swapped the 2N3904 for a KSP10 and it works well up into VHF.