ir remote with arch linux and lirc

I have an HTPC running Kodi (Formerly XMBC) and I’ve been trying to get an old IR remote working with it. I’ve got Kore on android currently controlling Kodi, but I wanted to see if I could get an old Microsoft Media Center PC’s IR receiver to work. I used one of these receivers: I couldn’t find the actual MCE remote that went with the receiver, so I used this Sony DVD player remote, but any remote should work.

linksys wrt54g as serial wifi adapter for arduino

For one of my upcoming projects, I will need to exchange data between a server and an arduino wirelessly. I have a few NRF24L01 RF tranceivers that would work, but I’d need another arduino or raspberry pi with another NRF24L01 hooked up to my server. I’d like to avoid that. Wi-Fi would be ideal, but I don’t want to wait on an ESP8266 module from China and Wi-Fi shields are expensive.