power supply restoration

I’ve been very busy at work lately and haven’t had the time or energy to work on much, but I did pull out an ancient power supply from my pile of junk that I wanted to investigate.

The whole thing was rusty and full of years of dirt, goo, and assorted crud.

I wasn’t sure if the transformers or caps were shot, but I liked the look of it and figured it would make a cool enclosure for something else if I couldn’t get it working.

Here is how it started out.






I stripped everything out and cleaned it up as best as I could. Then I took some paint stripper and sand paper to the enclosure.


I hit it with some primer and spray paint and reassembled.

With some careful testing on a fused supply and a variac, it turned out that everything was working.

There were no shorts in the transformers or choke and the old caps seemed to be in good shape.

I will still replace them, but they worked well enough for initial testing. The only thing that didn’t work was the bulb in the jewel light. After replacing that, I had a neat old supply.