southern fried gaming expo / vintage computer festival southeast 2023

This past weekend, Atlanta hosted the return of the Southern Fried Gaming Expo and Vintage Computer Festival Southeast. We had fun there last year, so we loaded up the family and made the trip again.


This year seemed a lot bigger than last year. I’m guessing last year was still coming off of COVID, so things were a little more calm. This year, there were tons of people and there was a lot more to do and see.


As usual, I wanted to spend most of my time playing with the old computers. Adrian Black, from Adrian’s Digital Basement was there which was cool. If you look carefully, you can see him in the picture below.


I didn’t get a lot of pictures since I was too busy playing the arcade and pinball machines.



While we were there, my kids discovered Duck Hunt on the original NES. I have a NES and Duck Hunt at home, but I didn’t have a Nintendo Zapper. We found one at one of the booths and bought it and now the kids can play Duck Hunt at home. We’ve got all of the Nintendos and XBOXs and PlayStations, but now all they want to do is play a 40 year old game! Maybe next I’ll bust out the Magnavox Odyssey and show them how to play some PONG. :)