(tr)uSDX kit

I picked up one of the (tr)uSDX kits off of aliexpress recently and finally got around to putting it together. It was a pretty quick afternoon build.

The kit came in a pretty well put together package.



It was missing the power connector pigtail thing with the barrel connector. It uses one of those tiny barrel jacks and I don’t have one laying around, so that was annoying.


I ordered the kit without the 3D printed case. I figured I’d print my own if I ended up using it often enough.

For now, I just popped a few nylon screws with spacer nuts inbetween each board to hold everything together.



It receives pretty well, but the little on-board speaker sucks. You can barely hear it. I plugged in some powered computer speakers and they work much better.


I didn’t try transmitting yet since I’m running it off of usb power. I need to find one of those tiny barrel connectors to try and power it from a battery or a decent power supply.


Overall, I’m pretty happy with it. For the price, I think it is a good kit to pick up.