heathkit hw-101 – it works!

This weekend, I cleaned up the heathkit hw-101 and slowly brought it up on the variac and the receiver seems to work. I hooked it up to my 40 meter dipole and my 20 meter dipole and it received fine on CW, LSB, and USB.

The first thing I did was open up the case and take it outside and blew out as much dust as I could.




Those pictures were after I blew out the dust. Next, I took some small brushes and knocked as much loose as I could and vacuumed out the rest.

I pulled off the bottom cover and to my surprise, this one had the optional CW filter installed.


I hooked up the power supply and slowly brought up the voltage over about an hour or so and it started receiving. There was a contest on 20 this weekend and I was picking up stations on the opposite coast.