robotic arm kit

My wife and I like to shop around at second hand stores for things we can use in our respective projects. For me, its usually old electronics or industrial doodads. Over the weekend, we stopped by our local store and my wife found a robotic arm kit.

I’ve seen this same kit in other hobby shops several times over the years, but I wasn’t willing to spend $50 to $100 on what amounts to a desk toy that I wouldn’t do much with. But $7? I can do seven bucks.


I was worried that it may have broken or missing parts, but a quick glance in the store looked promising, so I went ahead and got it. If nothing else, I could play with some of the gear boxes or something.


When I got it home and started working on it, every little screw, gear, and pin was there. It came together in no time and works pretty well for what it is.


Now I need to build a control system with an arduino or a raspi.